Prepare A Grandparents' Day Surprise With Araneta City's Ask Ara FREE DELIVERY Promo

Make Grandparents' Day this year extra special for our beloved lolos and lolas!

On September 11 (Saturday), buy them an early gift or special treat at any Araneta City store through the ASK ARA personal shopper and delivery service, and enjoy our one-day FREE DELIVERY promo!

With Ask Ara, anyone in Metro Manila can buy items remotely from your favorite Araneta City store. Just send your list to our virtual shopper Ara, and she will do the shopping for you!

To avail this service:

STEP 1: Visit the Ask Ara Facebook page (

STEP 2: Message Ara and indicate the details of the item/s to be purchased.

STEP 3: Settle payments online, discuss whether the item/s is/are for customer pickup or for delivery.

STEP 4: Wait for the item/s to be delivered FOR FREE by Borzo (formerly Mr Speedy).

Ask Ara can accommodate up to 2 store transactions per customer inquiry, and up to 3 purchases per store. Check out the directory of stores on the Araneta City website or mobile app.

This personal virtual shopper service is FREE of charge, with each customer having to pay only for the items purchased.

Have a safe and hassle-free shopping for your grandparents with Ask Ara only at the City of Firsts!


1. Promo is on September 11, 2021 from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

2. Promo is valid only with Borzo Delivery Service through Ask Ara personal virtual shopper and does not apply to other delivery service platforms.

3. Promo is valid for MOTORBIKE services and not for CAR services of Borzo.

4. Borzo can only accept bookings for deliveries within Metro Manila only. Transactions with drop-off areas in nearby provinces (e.g. Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal) should be deemed invalid and will not be shouldered by Araneta City.

5. Promo covers free delivery from store (pick up location) to customer (delivery location). Any transaction that will entail items for return from customer to store will not be honored by Araneta City. Delivery cost will be shouldered by the customer.

6. Borzo guarantees delivery within 1.5 hours from time of pick-up from the store.

7. Delivery riders of Borzo are required to wear facemasks, gloves, and other personal protective equipment. They shall sanitize their hands with alcohol or hand sanitizer before and after handling the items/s, bring food-grade thermal/ insulated bags for storing food items while in transit, and observe at least 1- to 2-meter distance when transacting with customers.

8. Other miscellaneous charges such as toll fees, village/subdivision entrance fees, and condo parking fees shall be charged to the customer.

9. For cashless transactions, customers must submit any proof of payment to Ask Ara personnel before proceeding with the delivery.

10. Customer must abide by any online payment method accepted by the store. If the store has no available online payment method, or if the customer has no means to transfer payment online, the Ask Ara personnel may only reserve the items on behalf of the customer depending on the store policy.

11. Ask Ara personal virtual shopper service is not applicable for “PABILI” service or cash on delivery (COD) transactions.

12. Ask Ara personnel shall be responsible for obtaining the following information for the purposes of delivery: customer’s full name, complete delivery address (with landmarks), and customer’s contact number. Securing these details is covered by the Data Privacy Act.

13. Ask Ara personnel understands and accepts that discrepancies and inaccuracies in the order information provided to Borzo may result in delays in delivery and/or misdelivery. If the inaccurate information provided results in non-delivery or inability to fulfill the delivery, the order shall be returned to Ask Ara personnel, with the latter paying for the delivery fee. Should the customer choose to have the order re-delivered, it shall cover any additional costs.

14. Ask Ara personnel shall confirm orders with the customer. Once orders are confirmed, customer cannot cancel the transaction anymore.

15. For food and beverage orders via Ask Ara, the time of preparation of food and/or drinks will depend on the queue or process of the chosen store during transaction. The Ask Ara personnel may only ask estimated time of preparation to the store as necessary.

16. Ask Ara personnel shall update the customer once booking for rider has started, and once the rider picked up the items. However, after maximum time of 15 minutes waiting for the booking to be accepted, the personnel shall inform Borzo as soon as possible. Borzo shall confirm immediately if they can help the current situation to avoid conflict with the customer.

17. The customer may request to pick up paid items from the store, depending on the store policy. The Ask Ara personnel may not keep any paid items on behalf of the customer.

18. Borzo shall be liable to Araneta City (for the full value of the products/items) in case of loss, damage, incomplete delivery, misdelivery, non-delivery, and order cancellation or non-payment of customers due to late delivery (beyond the guaranteed 1.5 hours).

19. In case of fraudulent orders (prank callers, customer/recipient not found in the address provided, etc.), both Borzo and Araneta City shall each bear its own costs.

20. Ask Ara personnel shall directly handle and answer all customer issues related to or connected with the quantity, quality, condition, packaging, handling, late delivery, misdelivery, and/or non-delivery of orders. Ask Ara personnel shall communicate with Borzo to address the issues.

21. For each delivery, Borzo shall provide Ask Ara personnel an electronic transaction slip as proof of the rider’s receipt of the products/items for delivery.

22. While Borzo ensures the availability of its mobile app at all times, it shall not be liable if the same is unavailable for any period of time. The availability of the mobile app depends on its compatibility with the Ask Ara’s mobile device, and the stability of the device’s internet connection.

23. Borzo and Araneta City mutually agree to defend, indemnify, and hold each other harmless from and against all claims of third parties, and all associated losses or damages, to the extent arising out of each party’s own breach, gross negligence or willful misconduct in performing any of its obligations under these terms and conditions.